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HITrental Vacation Rentals in Zug

The city of Zug is located in the heart of Switzerland and has a lot of charm. In Zug, for example, you can admire the most beautiful sunsets over the lake or stroll comfortably through the city. HITrental offers a total of six holiday homes here in a very central location in Zug. The apartments are not far from the Postplatz and the lake, they all have a small kitchen and a separate bathroom. In our vacation rentals you can really enjoy yourself, no matter if you are in Zug for a few days or for several weeks.
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Stay in the heart of Switzerland on the beautiful Lake Zug

Zug is known to be the only Swiss city where you can admire the sunsets at the lake, because the mountains in the west are not as close as in the other cities. Apart from the beautiful sunsets, you can admire the old town of Zug, which dates back to the sixteenth century. Enjoy a walk through the picturesque alleys with colourful buildings and eat one of Zug's cherry specialities. The mild climate makes Zug the perfect place to grow cherries, which are used to make cherry liqueurs. And for those who love Swiss baked goods, try the cream cake with cherry or chocolates with cherry, which simply taste delicious. If you prefer to explore the surroundings, you can take a trip to the Zugerberg. From there you can enjoy a breathtaking view over the city and the Alps. There are 80 km of hiking trails, Nordic walking trails and playgrounds for children.